Welcome to Dubble Bubbles Laundry:
Locations in Trappe and Audubon!

Dubble BubblesCome and do your laundry at Dubble Bubbles Laundry, located in the Trappe Shopping Center off of Main Street, and now in a newly renovated location in the Audubon Village Shopping Center. When you do laundry at Dubble Bubbles, it's like gaining an hour in your busy schedule because you can shop and wash your clothes all at the same time! While your clothes are in the spin cycle, walk to several eateries, a pharmacy, the bank, the gym and other retail stores.

Our Maytag Brand washing machines and dryers are spacious enough to fit your largest articles and/or two weeks worth of laundry in one machine! This can be completed in about an hour — saving you TIME! Our washers are highly efficient because they use less water, less energy and require less soap to clean your clothing. Our dryers are state of the art! They are able to dry garments in less time which will increase the life span of your wardrobe. We have folding tables, laundry carts, a change machine and
a soap machine for your convenience. Our soap machine is always stocked
with biodegradable detergents, softeners, Oxiclean and Clorox 2.

We also offer Commercial Laundry Services.

Please stop in and enjoy a pleasant experience washing your clothes in our brand new facility.